Character Design: Prophet

Since I explained the history behind the relaunch of  Glory, I want to discuss the character redesign for the other relaunched Extreme book, Prophet. Behold, the Prophet of the 90’s!


I like the thought the colorist sat down and thought "Purple. Thats what we need."

Every design cliché of the period is represented here.  Huge shoulder pads! Huge arm bands! A generic jumpsuit a costume! A hat which can’t possibly work! The sole innovation the character had was wile most gritty heroes of the 90’s shot people with really big guns, Prophet had really big knives. Apparently Prophet was a time traveler. I think.

Now lets compare to the 2012 Prophet.

KNNNNNIVVVVEEESS...that actually serve a purpose

The book is written by indie darling Brandon Graham (King City) and a rotating artist for each arc, the most recent being Farel Dalrymple. Before we dig into the design itself, I want to discuss the world of Prophet, because it has a huge impact on the design. The story takes place in the far future, but that’s underselling it. The human race is apparently dead, the few ruins that remain strewn throughout space were built by Human so far down the evolutionary change we (and John Prophet) barley recognize them. The earth has become a motley mix of nomadic alien tribes and giant, carnivorous bugs. John Prophet awakes when his stasis pod he’s been stored in tunnels out of the ground. The world is harsh and barely livable, making Prophet’s chief concern one of survival. Survival is what drives this modern design of Prophet. It’s a simple suit of hunters orange, suitable for most environments and can be altered on the fly. It has a myriad of compartments for all the gear he has. Its simple but memorable and reflects Prophet’s personality.  Quite and to the point, adaptable and strong.

One final note, Graham and Roy didn’t completely ignore Prophets original design. John Prophets signature tool in the series is a big knife. But that it, it not just a weapon, it’s a tool for multiple situations. Its more then just to look cool, its push’s the survival aspect of the story, as it is used for hunting, climbing and defense. Even the hat shows up again, in a big climatic scene no less.


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